Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Party

Tonight was the fantastic holiday party at Julia's school!  It's the second year we attended and it is just so much fun for the girls.  There are 10 classrooms set up with a different craft in each room.  World holidays are represented and each one has at least one craft, but Christmas has the most crafts dedicated to it.  
This year we decided to use Emma's KidWalk instead of her wheelchair.  The tables are very small for the pre-schoolers and they are too low for the wheelchair but the perfect height for the KidWalk.  It was a great decision to use the KidWalk and Emma did well moving her feet to walk while I assisted her from the back.  The only downside was she kept losing her right shoe.  The girls wore some party clothes and Emma needed her red sparkly shoes to go with her outfit and of course an AFO does not go in the red sparkly shoes.  So, that meant she did quite a bit of walking with some bare feet.  She didn't seem to mind in the least and we didn't mind making an exception on her shoes for the night.
Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped in for a visit and some photos and this year Julia had a long conversation with them that ended with her giving Santa a hug.  My, my how my little girl is growing up.  Last year she wouldn't go near Santa and this year she is hugging him.  Emma is another story.  She didn't mind Santa at all until this year and she was screaming crying when we put her on his lap even with me standing right next to her.  Looks like we'll have to wait another year to get a photo of Santa with both girls.
 When we came home I took some photos of the girls in front of our Christmas tree.  Julia had a lot of questions about the tree.  Most of them had to do with the size of the area under the tree and if there was enough room for Santa to leave ALL THE PRESENTS under.  I told her Santa usually only leaves a few presents and she said he definitely leaves more than a few presents - he leaves lots of them and needs lots of room around the tree.  I'm sure we will discuss this again since Christmas happens to be one of her favorite conversations in the car.  This morning she was talking about how we need to leave cookies and milk out for Santa and can't forget a carrot - no, 2 carrots - for the reindeer.  I think tomorrow morning I will steer the conversation to what type of birthday cake we should make for baby Jesus so we can refocus a bit more onto the true meaning of Christmas.

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Kate said...

Stopped in to see how Emma is doing. Your girls are so beautiful inside and out. I loved watching the video of Emma crawling and using her stander/walker!!!!!!Slide show of Emma's year was amazing, just like her mom!! Merry Christmas to all! Kate