Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cooper Car driving

The Cooper Car that we were using with Emma to help get her ready for a power wheelchair is back in action!  Thanks to the fabulous John at our wheelchair clinic who fixed the car for the children to drive!

It has been a couple of months since Emma last drove the car.  She had been pretty consistent at getting the car moving and was starting to slow down/stop on occasion before it broke.  I took some video of her driving the car this week when she got a chance to get back in the driver's seat and I have to say she did really good for not driving a couple of months.  

We used a different switch that doesn't work as well as the one we have at home - you can see in the video that she is attempting to hit the switch and isn't always successful.  We borrowed a switch that works with only the slightest touch from the Assistive Technology department and that seemed to work much better for Emma, but I didn't capture that one on video since we only used it for a very brief time.  

Emma still likes to go and has very little desire to stop - even when she is about to bump into walls or her therapist!  We're working on that ☺ but for now we are glad that the car is back in action and Emma will get more time to practice with the car and move her one step further towards getting a power chair of her own.

3 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

She's so cute driving that car! I was cracking up at how once she starts she doesn't want to stop! Who can blame her?

Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

That is so exciting, Good Job Emma!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That looks like a really cool car! She looks like she is having fun! What a great way to get her ready for a power chair!