Friday, July 3, 2009

Our recent adventures

We've been a busy bunch lately. The weather has finally started to act like summer and we've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying it!

Here are things we've been doing recently:
  1. I finished up my last month at my job and now officially unemployed. I'm going to take a bit of time to relax and enjoy the summer before I jump into something new.
  2. Julia started camp and LOVES it. Every Tuesday they have a field trip and last week she went on the school bus to the Can Do Park. The highlight of the trip? The school bus ride, of course! She's been wanting to go on the school bus ever since she realized what they were - with a school bus stop in front of our house, we have to watch and wave to the kids every morning.
  3. Chris finished his second 5K run - the Victoria Flick Bubble Run/Walk. The proceeds go to help purchase durable medical equipment for children, which is a cause we align behind! Chris shaved more than 4 minutes off his previous 5K run time and came is 3rd place for his age group and 17th place overall! We are so proud of him!
  4. Emma continues to be a shining star. Every night she loves to stand on our lap and walk up our chest while she laughs like crazy! She is also very, very close to sitting unassisted. Her fine motor skills are getting better and she is now grasping objects between her thumb and forefinger. She has also pointed with her forefinger once or twice! Water continues to be her favorite thing to play in, and with the nice weather we've been having she's been spending quite a bit of time splashing in the pool.
  5. Finnegan will celebrate her 7th birthday on July 4th! Happy Birthday, Finnegan! We love you for the joy you bring to all of our lives, the way you let the kids walk all over you without any protest, and the delight you find in fetching the ball incessantly!

2 Comments from readers:

Tricia said...

Sounds like you guys have doing lots!

Almost sitting up! Wow! She is making amazing strides.

The Calm The Storm said...

Love the update!
Seems like everyone is enjoying the sun!
Awesome Job Emma!